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Mills in action and view over Haarlem from the balcony 12 meters high

On the hour and half hours you will go up 4-5 flights of stairs to the mill (for your own safety) accompanied by a guide.

For the visitors who are short on time, we offer you the tour on the half-hour. Then you will be back down in 30 minutes. Due to the pace not suitable for people with physical limitations.

Or you can choose the guided tour on the hour. It takes 45 minutes and you can get back down the stairs within 60 minutes. You can read more information about the tour on the website.

All our volunteers speak English, some also German, French, Italian or Spanish. We have reserved special time blocks for a tour in Dutch.

For safety reasons, children under the age of 5 are not allowed into the mill. Pets are not allowed.

And then a trip on the river and canals with skipper

From March 11, following your visit to the mill, you can take a 50-minute boat trip through Haarlem's canals and river Spaarne.

  • Select your tickets
  • Guided tour in English €7.50
  • Children 5 up to 12 years €3.50
  • Nationale Molen Dagen 11-12 Mei 2024 €0.00

    National Mill Days

  • Boattour, pay on board €0.00

    Reservation, board next to the mill, pay on board from €21,50 for €19,50 (children €9,75)

  • Total price